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Special Sessions

Feature Engineering in Biometrics Recognition and its Security Concerns

In past decades, the biometrical-based systems have witnessed a momentous advancement, allowing for plentiful security and viable applications including forensic, social welfare, forensics, personalized commercial systems, as well as identifying health states. The traditional methods in biometrics systems rely on handcrafted feature engineering, where features are extracted using multifarious image processing algorithms. With the emergence of deep learning models for image classification, the modern biometric systems are able to accurately analyze individuals in controlled scenarios. Besides, the biometrical systems are also susceptible to a variety of attacks such as spoofing or presentation attacks, template tempering, and etc.  A recent challenge to biometrics is due COVID-19 pandemic that hindered its use in many applications. The research is orientated towards development of reliable and accurate systems as well as security mechanism to counterfeit these attacks. Despite this progress, a number of challenges remain open and new directions can be envisioned.  

This special session will focus on such challenges and directions, including related topics of interest (not limited to):

  • Fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry, and etc.
  • New biometric traits,
  • Image processing algorithms for biometrics
  • Classification algorithms for biometrics,
  • Fusion and multimodal analysis,
  • Deployment of biometrics in realistic scenarios,
  • Security issues in biometric systems,
  • Spoofing or presentation attacks,
  • Template protection,
  • Deep leaning in biometrics,
  • Feature extraction using handcrafted features,
  • Ubiquitous biometrics,
  • Limitations of biometrics (e.g., distinctiveness, permanence),
  • Novel applications such as healthcare, social welfare, as well as forensics,
  • Soft biometrics and attribute analysis,
  • Other application of biometrics,
  • Challenges to biometric s due to COVID-19 and its solutions,
  • Privacy and ethics.

Dr. Arvind Selwal 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Computer Science and Information Technology,
Central University of Jammu,
Jammu and Kashmir, India-181143
Contact: +91-9896262552