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The conference topics are listed below. Especially the interdisciplinary studies having research on 2 or more topics are promoted:

Advanced Illumination Techniques
Alternative Energy Sources
Applications in Data Science and Statistics
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Applications
Biofuels & Biogas
Blookchain Technology & Informatics
Chaos Phenomena and Chaotic Systems
Cloud Computing
Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications
Communication Signal Processing
Complex and Adaptive Systems
Complex fluids
Complex Systems
Computer Science and Engineering
Control Techniques
Design and Applications in Aerospace Engineering and Digital Avionics
Design and Applications in Design Automation
Design and Applications in Electrical Engineering
Design and Applications in Environmental Engineering
Design and Applications in Industrial Engineering
Design and Applications in Mechanical Engineering
Design and Applications in Natural Sciences
Design and Applications in Power and Energy Engineering
Dielectrics and High Voltage
Digital Signal Processing
Dynamic Simulations
Education and Information/Communications Technologies
Educational Concepts in Engineering and Natural Sciences
Electric machines & Control
Electric Vehicles
Electrical Load Modeling & Estimation
Electromagnetic Acceleration Techniques
Electromagnetic Design and Implementation
Energy / Exergy Issues in Mechanical Engineering
Energy and Information/Communications Technologies
Energy Efficiency and Politics
Energy Harvesters
Engineering and Information/Communications Technologies
Engineering Applications in Medicine
Engineering Solutions in Biology
Ethical Aspects in Engineering
Ethics and Technology
Fault Diagnosis Systems
Finite Element Analysis Techniques and Applications
Flow Analysis
Fluid Dynamics
Fusion Science and Technology
Geographical Information Systems
Hardware Production
Heating / Cooling Systems
High Temperature Superconductors
Hydro Power Generation Systems and Technologies
Ignition Systems
Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing
Informatics and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering
Information Systems, Technologies and Applications
Internet Security Applications
Josephson Devices and Q-bits
Magnetron Design and Implementation
Material Science Applications
Micro-Electromechanical System (MEMS) Design and Implementation
Microwave Applications
Microwave Systems Design and Implementation
Multimedia Audio Processing
Nanotechnology Applications
Network Management
Nuclear Power Generation Systems and Technologies
Nuclear reactors
Off-shore Energy Systems
Optical Systems, Technologies and Applications
Pattern Formation
Plasma Physics and Engineering
Polar Explorations
Power Conversion Systems
Power Transmission and Distribution
Quantum Computers
Reactor Physics
Renewable Energy Practises
Rotary Machine Units Design and Implementation
Satellites & Management
Self-Organizing Systems
Sensors & Actuators
Smart Energy Applications
Smart Systems Design
Software Studies
Solar Energy Sys
Solar Explorations
Sonar Applications
Space Science and Technology
Spectral Methods in Plasma
Statistical Techniques in Engineering and Natural Sciences
Studies on Material Aging
Sustainability in Engineering Systems
Sustainable Buildings & Cities
Swarm Applications
Systems Engineering
Systems Security and Security Technologies
Telecommunication Systems, Technologies and Applications
Turbines Design
Unmanned Vehicles
Vehicle Design
Virtual Engineering
Waveguide & Antenna Design and Applications
Wireless/Mobile Computing